Golf is easier than you think!

Yep, believe it or not, the game is considerably easier than you have been lead to believe. BUT you have to set up a clear intention of what you want to do with the club-and therefore the ball-and then PAY ATTENTION!

Why are your practice swing so good, but your real swings so bad?

This is a VERY important video about learning. It includes fundamentals of learning like task specificity and progression. This may very well change your life as a golfer, which of course can change your life at home and work, too! Be happy. Practice correctly!

Footwork Part 3: Lift

Lift is the final part of the Kinetic Sequence. To recap: the downswing sequence is Shift, then Turn, then Lift.

Footwork Part 1: Shift

Swing Catalyst has taught me a lot about how golfers use the ground in their swing. Here’s the first part of the discussion: Shift.

Wrist Action

Your hands are the only thing holding the club and your wrists are part of the equation. Here’s how wrist action works.

Trackman: Understanding the Numbers

This is a lengthy tutorial on using the Trackman launch monitor and understanding what the numbers mean. You may want to skip ahead of the intro part, as it has to do with setting up the system for our members at Applebrook.

Hip Action

How you move your hips is a very big deal to your golf swing. Here’s how to make them work!

Plane-Up Your Backswing

Getting the backswing headed in the right direction can help your downswing improve significantly. This may help a lot!

How Your Shoulders Work in the Golf Swing

The Big Body movements in golf are so important to get you in position to hit great shots. Here’s a discussion on the shoulders, with some hip info which is very related.