Swing Catalyst is both a 3D Ground Forces analysis hardware and a great video swing analysis program all in one. You'll be amazed by what you can learn about your foot/ground interaction and its impact on your club head speed and club delivery. I am very pleased to bo an ambassador for such a great company.

Why JD Golf is for you

Absolutely committed to helping you succeed!

I promise to give you everything I’ve got to guide you along your journey to excellence. I truly care about you! 

Points we’ll cover:

  • Keep it FUN!
  • Navigate the competitive landscape: Junior. College. Pro.
  • College Recruiting Assistance
  • Game Assessment
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Technique Development
  • Mental Game Training
  • Practice Design
  • Strategy
  • Decision Making
  • Trackman Ball and Club Analysis
  • K Vest 3D Movement Analysis
  • Swing Catalyst 3D Ground Forces Analysis
  • Club Fitting

How to find me

I’m a PGA Master Teaching Professional. I’ve gone through rigorous testing in front of a panel of Top 100 Teachers where I presented my approach to instruction and then defended it during the presentation. In the live lesson portion of the program, Brad Redding, a long time member of the Top 100, commented: “you blew us away with the lesson!”  I do believe that all who teach the game should be required to pass similar testing to prove their effectiveness as a teacher/coach.

The Certified Coaches Association is run by renown motor learning expert, Rick Jensen. In this program, we learned to apply the principles of motor learning to help our golfers learn more efficiently as they move through the 4 Steps to Mastery. All of the information in this program is research based and proven to be effective for golfers at all levels. “The Marbles Talk,” is one of my favorite parts of the program. Ask me about it! I am honored to have been named to the Advisory Board for the Certified Coaches Association.

I have been using Trackman technology and software to analyze swings and ball flight for over 12 years now. This tool helps me greatly in diagnosing swings and testing corrections to see improvements quicker than ever. 

Have you seen Justin Rose, Adam Scott, Jason Dufner or Stacy Lewis holding up any number of fingers while standing behind the ball reading a putt? What’s going on? It’s AimPoint, a revolution in green reading that makes the black art a very simple bit of science. It turns out that, believe it or not, your feet are likely far better at detecting slopes than your eyes. AimPoint training will show you how to use your feet to reliably read greens and make more putts.

I am very pleased to be on the advisory staff at K Motion Interactive, the manufacturers of the K-Vest biomechanical analysis technology and their fantastic learning tool, Dynamic Visual Training (DVT). Using the software/hardward combination, we can analyze your swing and then follow the flow chart of suggested exercises designed to improve your motion quickly with biofeedback that greatly enhances your awareness of the proper motion.