5 Layer Golfballer

  Sports psychologist, Dr. Bhrett McCabe’s great new book, The Mindside Manifesto, is a fantastic resource for you if you want to, as I like to say, “get your mind in position to score.” I have used some of his info here in creating the 5 Layers of the Golfer’s Mental Game and combined it […]

Get a Grip to Make More Putts

High Performance Golf Master the game! This is a screenshot of SAM Puttlab from Science and Motion Golf. It’s the equivalent of an MRI for your putting stroke. Yep, it’s my stroke, and I am using a 10 foot putt. My goal for all my students is to give me “green across my screen.” That […]

What’s Wrong with Tiger?

You, like many others, may have been left scratching your head while watching Tiger’s return to golf at the Waste Management event this past week. It was dismal. He hit the ball all over the place. He chipped and pitched like a bad 30 handicapper. He shot the worst round of his career—an 82—and came […]

Hit Up to Kill the Driver!

The driver is unlike all the other clubs in your bag—you really don’t want to hit down on the ball at all. In fact, the average Angle of Attack (AoA) on the PGA Tour is 1.2 downward, but Rory McIlroy hits up 2-3 degrees and Bubba Watson hits up 5 degrees and they KILL it! […]

Let the Club Do Some Work for You!

You paid all that money for those clubs. Let them do some of the work in your swing! On the left side, you can see this student’s left arm starting to bend at the elbow as the club enters the impact zone. You may have heard this called ‘the chicken wing” motion through impact. He […]

Drop it in for Longer Drives

To the right is a before and after comparison of a young golfer who was mightily struggling with his game. On the left, he was moving his hands and club almost horizontally, out toward the ball at the start of his downswing. This move is known as swinging over-the-top. You can see that his club […]

Shoulder Down-Hit the Ground!

Say hello to my uneven lie station. I love this thing! How many level lies do you get on the golf course? Well, at White Manor, maybe 2 shots from the fairway will be on level lies. All the others will be uphill, downhill or sidehill. You just can’t get enough repetitions on these varied […]

The Nature of the Game

I’m due for another Mental Game article, so here we go. “Bad shots are coming!” “The bad shots are coming!” “So are the good shots.” “So are the average shots!” A good friend of mine just gave me an audio recording by Bobby Cole, contemporary of Jack Nicklaus, in which he spoke of Jack’s iron […]

5 Steps to Making a Swing Change

By now, you might have had enough of missing golf shots in your usual way, and you may be considering making a swing change to eliminate the flaw that causes that miss. It is my standard practice to let my students know the process of learning a new move and taking it to the course, […]

Make an Action Plan for Better Golf

Let’s assess your golf game. How’s your golf season going so far? Grade yourself in the following facets of the game. Driving____________________ Approach shots______________ Long Wedges________________ Finesse Wedges near green_____ Short Putting_________________ Lag Putting__________________ Mental Game_________________ After you’re done grading your performance in these areas, you are ready to set some goals. Let’s say you […]