The photos below show what might look at first glance like a small difference, but to golf, this difference makes all the difference in the world. On the left, we see Dave’s old backswing, the one he showed up with. His problems with ball control skill were that he hit far too many fat shots. So we looked at his motion and found the first error in his motion that would contribute to fat shots. You can see on the left that his chest is leaning over his right foot somewhat, while his head is also positioned over his right foot. In the after photo on the right, Dave’s chest and his head are very much centered. One thing for sure, whenever the head and or chest lean back like this, away from the target, fat shots are coming!

tilt v turn

In the new backswing, Dave felt like his was not turning around AT ALL! The instruction was to tilt his upper body to the left—yes, toward the target as shown in the center photo—without any turn at all, and this is what resulted: a beautifully centered turn! Feel ain’t real, folks! Here’s the great part: He’s hitting 7 irons here. The old swing hit the ball 144 yards. Not bad. However, the new swing—and we would expect any new move to slow down the swing because the motion is new—flew 166! That’s a BIG difference.

So, if you are having difficulty with fat shots, check your head motion. You may need to add some tilt to the left to your backswing. Remember the hips don’t really move, just the spine tilts to the left. Practice in front of a mirror or use your shadow to help you learn what you have to do to keep your head steady and it will pay off big time!

Hit ‘em Great!