The Putting Mat


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Master putts from four to eight feet to significantly lower your scoring average this year!

After nearly two years in development, The Putting Mat is here! What you get: 1 Master your setup so that you see straight AS straight. Many training aids do the work for you, which does not lead to your learning. Not The Putting Mat. You will learn to set up so that straight looks correct. Have you ever used a line on your ball to assist your aim only to stand at address certain that the line is off? The Putting Mat will show you how to make it look perfect. 2 Master the critical skill of starting your ball on line with The Putting Tee and vision dots that are built into the mat. 3. Improve your vision with the Bug Jumps section. It’s an eye workout, but will help you. 4. Master distance control with the critical concepts of Stroke Length, Rhythm, and Force. Yes, it’s just a short putting mat, but the concepts will serve you very well. 5. Use the distance section to work on your stroke shape. 6. Use the Red Arrow to master start line with practice variability. 7. Make a game of it! Set a challenge and go get it. All of these points are covered in the videos below. Dimensions: 3 feet wide by 13 feet long

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 8 × 8 in


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