Golf is easier than you think!

Yep, believe it or not, the game is considerably easier than you have been lead to believe. BUT you have to set up a clear intention of what you want to do with the club-and therefore the ball-and then PAY ATTENTION!

Swingness Part 2: Timing

Another part of “Swingness” is Timing. It’s really important that we all learn OUR OWN timing, and that we be consistent with it. We are timing the sequence and acceleration to consistently deliver the club to the ball.

Bunker Shots Made Easy

Nope, I’m not kidding! When you know how to hit them, bunker shots are the easiest shot in golf!

Wrist Action

Your hands are the only thing holding the club and your wrists are part of the equation. Here’s how wrist action works.

Swingness Part 1: Rhythm

Rhythm, like tension, is another aspect of your swing that can really mess things up when it’s off.

Distance Wedges

Everybody likes a good wedgie! This video will help  you understand how to control your backswing length and “use the force” to stick your wedges close.