The “Golf Swing” it’s not what you think!

Golf skill trumps golf swing all day. Have you ever gotten your butt kicked by a golfer with a swing that looks like an octopus falling out of a tree? Well, his skills were better than yours. Period.

Hit the ground!

Folks, you have got to get the club to hit the ground. No matter what. Even if it’s behind the ball. THEN you can learn to be more precise with where you “land your airplane.”

Club face, wrist action, and body matchups

Understanding how to match your club face and wrist action with the way your body moves is a HUGE deal in creating predictable ball flight. Here’s how they work together.

The Level Drill

The Level Drill will help you learn the feel of an on-plane, NOT over the top, golf swing. You’ll learn to feel how you create both the backswing and downswing with one easy drill.

Why you need two swings.

The driver just plain feels different from all the other clubs. Please don’t be surprised one bit if you have to keep your driver swing feel very separate from shots where you need to hit down to be successful.

Golf is easier than you think!

Yep, believe it or not, the game is considerably easier than you have been lead to believe. BUT you have to set up a clear intention of what you want to do with the club-and therefore the ball-and then PAY ATTENTION!